Stories and Testimonies

Dr. Mando Jackson

I can tell you this, based on my life from the time I started working I’ve been trying to envision a time when I could stop working travel and relax. However in my 50s although the money was almost there, I thought I would never be able to. I thought I was needed, not only that but indispensable and they could not do without me (medical field), at work like many disillusioned individuals that I have known, worked with and some who have actually died, proven, culporate: Stress. All of us, planning a better way of life and did not know when and how much is enough. Like in your gasoline gage “E” of course signifies “Empty”, sometimes we confuse it and think it means just Enough, use the last drop, do one more errand to get to the station, so we think. So was I. After reading this book, it gave me such a perspective on all the things that I’ve gone through, done and some of those things I had needed to stop. I feel thankful that someone else experienced this and put it into perspective for me.

I now have a more clear vision of what a better life should be, just by letting things go and letting them flow, Lord willing in the right direction and make sure it’s better than the one that I’ve lived. Although I have no regrets for the pass, it is a great blessing to me, just life.

I inquired and found out that the authors next project describes how to continue resolving this road to happiness, it’s called ”Second Prime Retriet ” It should always be better the second time around.

Roy & Gail Randolph - Owners, KartHost

Just like in every story where the hero succeeds it is because of the guide they encountered that provided them the best plan of action. Max & Deanna are providing you with the perfect plan to help you realize your full potential and dreams as you are starting over. Max’s book ‘Over 50 Starting Over’ helps you avoid the feelings of I’m alone and no one understands and what do I do now, by allowing you to walk through Max’s journey and Deanna’s guidance. It put into words what we have experienced and had not been able to express. Yes, ultimately it is up to us to find a plan and make it work, now Max & Deanna have provided the plan all you have to do is follow it. We also feel reading it with your spouse helps to open up some conversations you were avoiding or didn’t realize you had not been discussing.

Paula Bates

HI Deanna,

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the counsel and advice you gave to me a few years ago as I was beginning my job search. You encouraged me to follow my passion, and even though I wasn’t quite sure what that was at the time, it gave me the spark I needed to fuel my journey. Since then I have had so many wonderful opportunities to grow and explore different career options, including starting two of my own businesses along the way. Without your valuable advice, I’m not sure I would have had the confidence or felt the freedom to choose my own, unique career path. A little over a year ago, I quit my job as a communications specialist and business development leader to write and self-publish a guidebook for wheelchair users visiting Paris. Now, as I consider new opportunities that lie ahead of me, I’m so grateful for the counsel I received from you, and I just wanted to let you know you were an inspiration to me. Thank you again! Paula Bates

Mitch Kriegh

I separated from the Army after 22 years active duty service. I stayed in that long because I loved training, instructing and mentoring young people. I didn’t know how that would play out for my “job” after the army. I just knew it was a passion for me. And much of what I was reading about regarding how to best change careers was that I should follow my passions, talents and aptitudes and pursue a dream job. One of the people I followed was one of the highest paid Life Coaches in the nation, Mr. Dan Miller. His expertise is in the area of securing a position in (or creating) your dream job. His work is amazing. Through this connection I met one of his understudies, Ms. Deanna Poehlman. She learned well, because as I worked with her, it was as if I was working with Dan, plus all the good stuff that came from her “spin” on things. With her help, I was able to navigate a rocky two years of “life after the Army” and arrive at working a job that I spring out of bed to engage and tackle it in two shifts a day. 8am-4pm, and then 5pm – 1am. Why work this much? Because I’m doing what I love.

Max Gilreath

In 2012, I sought the career transition expertise of Deanna Poehlman. Previously, she and I worked as colleagues for a major telecommunications company. Deanna transitioned from the corporate world several years earlier to pursue her passion and calling as a Career Transition and Faith Coach. Over a four year period, she listened, coached, and inspired me through a job lay-off and firing. She focused on my value and currency, life goals, passions, and dreams. Not wasting my pain, she helped me move forward and take control of my destiny.

Deanna established rapport based upon both the current situation and what I desired to do outside the “corporate box.” My ability to be vulnerable and open up was created based upon mutual trust and respect. Her gift is connecting with clients through sincere and heart-felt interest, moving them into their unique destiny for meaning and purpose. These skills and qualities set Deanna apart and make her exceptional, distinctive, and different. Without Deanna, I doubt very seriously if I would be living out my passions, my dreams, and, ultimately, my calling.

 Therefore, I highly recommend Deanna for anyone who is “sick and tired of being sick and tired” with an unfulfilling career and life. With all her heart, she truly is “America’s Premier Career Transition and Faith Coach”!

Chad Pilbeam

“She was working with a very stubborn, type-A, very motivated, hard-headed individual, that being me…but I had no where left to turn. I want to encourage you to not wait…”

“I started my own business. You know why? Because I did exactly what I was supposed to be doing and Deanna showed me that”

“I didn’t listen. I fought, and there I was with $500 to my name”

“I followed the advice that Deanna gave me. I executed the plan she gave me. I immediately found fulfillment in the work I was doing and financial success.”

“I’ve seen her do this with dozens of people, when you actually do what it is you’re supposed to do, you find fulfillment, and that is the greatest testimony that I can say is that what Deanna does, works, and if that’s the greatest thing I can say, I’ve got to put this next to it, she cares!”

“If you have a chance to read anything she has written, hear anything she has to say, to see anything that she does, I tell you this, that you need to take that to heart because she sees herself as a vessel, and while I give her credit for my success all the time, she gives it to our Creator, and she takes just pure joy in being the vessel to be used to bring that happiness to me.”

“Deanna Poehlman absolutely changed my life and career…”