Max Gilreath

Stuck Sucks

Over 50? Yes life is shifting into a different direction, are you in control, managing your fears, concerns and what ifs? Are you fulfilled and passionate, alive with anticipation or “Stuck” in life’s “gunk”! You are not alone people of all ages can get stuck in stagnation and or arrested growth. How did you get here? You’ve done everything your parents, society and the American system taught and said would lead to a successful and meaningful life. You got the education You got the good job and career You have the family and kids You have money and wealth, financially […]

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Longevity and De-aging

Because of my father’s passion for health and wellness I developed a particular interest in Asian and Eastern India alternative medicine, nutrition and exercise. Traditional Chinese Tao means “Way” or way of life and is not a religion or God, it also means “Path” which means the journey through life which conforms to nature’s own topography and time-tables.

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