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Anti-Aging Medicine Is Real And Affordable

Anti-Aging medicine, at first may sound like something from a Sci-Fi film but today we will talk a little more in depth about what is really involved. We have not discovered the fountain of youth, but what we can provide is higher quality of life as we age. Aging is a natural process in which our bodies slowly become weaker and more fragile, cells that are in constant reproduction begin to do so less efficiently. This is due to two main physiologic mechanisms, accepted as the causes of aging. As we age we have less ability to eliminate free radicals […]

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If You Haven’t Thought of It Yet, You Should Be Thinking of It Now

Guest blog post from Okezie N. Okezie, M.D. We all, at some point, face the reality that we are not invincible. Whether in the course of our own lives or someone close to us, we are not indestructible! As a Board Certified Interventional Pain Specialist with more than 12 years of experience, I encounter those who find out the hard way that they are only human. Quite often, when something in our body is wrong, it lets us know through the experience of pain. Many of us don’t appreciate that this unpleasant experience is a critical measure of what is […]

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An Olympian’s Mindset

The mindset I carry with me in my quest to be an Olympian embodies the spiritual, mental, and physical states. I believe the spiritual state leads and the mental and the physical follow the lead of the spiritual state. These states are so intertwined that when one area is off-kilter, chances are you will find hiccups in the other areas. When these three states are on one accord, I am able to perform like a well-oiled machine. While keeping this background in mind, I will dive into three aspects that make up my mindset and give suggestions as to how […]

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