Deanna Poehlman

Socially Constipated

Socially constipated – it’s something you cannot afford to be when you are in search of a new job or career. I remember the client who told me she was “socially constipated” like it was yesterday. I lost it, laughing so hard! She was speaking truth about herself and many people who are just not “cut out” to be natural at networking, or comfortable with sales and marketing in general. If this is something you can relate to, we just have to get you out there. It is only temporary. You can resume your private life as soon as we […]

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9 Tips to De-age Your Résumé and Get Interviews

De-age your résumé. Although it is against the law to discriminate against our protected age group, it is unfortunately still practiced. So, what we will create instead is an advertisement for an interview that does not give away our age. Keep in mind, the résumé’s only purpose is to advertise for an interview. Once we gain the interview, we will win them over with our value, confidence, and relevance. Here are some ways your résumé may make you look old: Including a middle initial or your middle name Displaying your full address. This is not only recommended simply for your […]

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Last Free Exit or It Takes A Toll

Don’t you love driving on a portion of a toll-way that is “free”, then seeing the sign “Last Free Exit”? Have you ever missed that “Last Free Exit”? Maybe due to the car next to you wouldn’t let you over, although your signal was prominent, he would speed up and slow down just to stay pace with you, URGH! I’ve met people that had every intention of taking their ‘Last Free Exit’ to pursue the vocation of their dreams, one that would allow for work-life balance and the promise of relevant and noteworthy contribution while doing something that they were […]

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