Anti-Aging Medicine Is Real And Affordable

Anti-Aging medicine, at first may sound like something from a Sci-Fi film but today we will talk a little more in depth about what is really involved. We have not discovered the fountain of youth, but what we can provide is higher quality of life as we age. Aging is a natural process in which our bodies slowly become weaker and more fragile, cells that are in constant reproduction begin to do so less efficiently. This is due to two main physiologic mechanisms, accepted as the causes of aging.

As we age we have less ability to eliminate free radicals from the normal oxidation reduction processes in normal cellular metabolic function to release energy and function. The accumulation of these free radicals in the cell makes them unstable and reduces their life. This process throughout the body progressively reduces the amount of healthy stable cells and reduces their lifespan even when our body is trying to produce more of them.

Based on this theory of aging and cell damage the antioxidants in foods and supplements have found their way into being an important part of taking care of ourselves. With more research more and more potent antioxidants have been found and are being isolated and provided in concentrations impossible to achieve from just normal diet. Glutathione is a naturally occurring antioxidant that we have in abundance when we are in our prime but as we age becomes depleted. Now fortunately it is available in supplements readily off the shelf.

The more predominant theory and the heart of my practice is the Hormone theory. Hormones are biochemical messengers that stimulate and signal a cell to carry out its function. Hormones are in charge of EVERYTHING. Our energy levels our sleep patterns, whether you get hungry feel full after eating our ability or bodies tendency to accumulate fat or burn fat and build muscle and let us not forget our libido! As the cells in our body age the glands that produce the hormones begin to slow production much like an old factory and workers not producing at the same pace as they used to. The body sends more signals to the factory and says hey we are running low but the factory no matter how much they are told cannot keep up with the demand.

What makes Our Approach and my practice different and allows me to promise benefits and improvements in quality of life without sacrifices related to side effects or negative issues? We do not say patient X is 50 years old and patient Y is also 50 years old let us give them the same treatment because they are also of similar body weight and height, that’s NOT a correct method to do things with hormones. We conduct blood tests that show us the patients actual hormone levels and where there specific deficits are. With the exact value then we calculate that patient’s needs and concentrations of the hormones he or she will need.

So you can say the treatments are tailored to each patients needs setting target levels similar to what they had in their prime. We do not try to take patients above safe physiologic levels as this would in long term decrease their own natural production though it may be reduced and slow at current age it is important to not overdo dosages allowing the factory to think they are not needed anymore.

Another very important factor and women who were unfortunate to have been part of the learning curve or hormone replacement therapy in the early decades and even currently know that hormone replacement has been associated with certain risks of leading to cancer; this was because the hormones provided were NOT BIOIDENTICAL. This led cells to being damaged over long term as the hormone was not suited for the cells receptor. Fortunately in Our practice today thanks to the advances in science and technology that is no longer a factor and we provide our patients with Bioidentical hormone replacement at safe physiologic dosages leaving no room for risks while being done on a proper protocol.

The main hormones we evaluate in Men are Testosterone and Growth hormone. In women we look at Testosterone, Growth Hormone and additionally Estrogen and progesterone. We also evaluate proper thyroid and adrenal function in both men and women. All it takes to see if you are an ideal candidate for treatment is a panel of blood tests to let us know where your hormone levels are and how far away from optimum they are. It is never too late to begin feeling better and recovering that energy and quality of life that has slowly deteriorated.

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