If You Haven’t Thought of It Yet, You Should Be Thinking of It Now

Guest blog post from Okezie N. Okezie, M.D.

We all, at some point, face the reality that we are not invincible. Whether in the course of our own lives or someone close to us, we are not indestructible! As a Board Certified Interventional Pain Specialist with more than 12 years of experience, I encounter those who find out the hard way that they are only human. Quite often, when something in our body is wrong, it lets us know through the experience of pain. Many of us don’t appreciate that this unpleasant experience is a critical measure of what is happening inside.

As a Pain Specialist embarking on his “middle age” phase of life, I am able to relate more and more with what many of my patients are experiencing. I not only encounter people’s physical challenges in my office practice, but also in my personal life as both my peers as well as loved ones around me continue to age. What comes to mind is that at some point in life we have to deal with our bodies failing us in some sort of fashion. It can be the most humbling experience as we realize that we are not “invincible”!

Most of us, at some point in life, have had a health related “wake up call”. Some sort of event or realization that we need to somehow change our lifestyle. This realization is usually in the form of some sort of unpleasant experience that grabs our attention. We then scramble to find a way to “reverse the damage” or “roll back the mileage” and feel better and last longer!

So, if you haven’t thought of it yet, you should be thinking of it now!

Preservation of health and function

They say that the best medicine is prevention. For those of us who have not yet experienced that “wake up call”, you may be fortunate in being several steps ahead. Wellness should not be a last resort, but a first priority. Many of us have a head start in wellness. Perhaps you have led an athletic lifestyle? Or, maybe you eat right? Whatever it is, if you haven’t already then you should be identifying a lifestyle that promotes your wellness that is suitable for you. It pays off!

Restoration of health and function

Some of us may be behind. Either overweight, out of shape, or facing the challenge of chronic illness. Whatever it is, it’s never too late. Every bit counts. To me, “starting over” for some people may also include getting back their “body” along with their “mind and soul”! In order to truly rejuvenate and recharge your life, being in the best shape possible is necessary to optimize this effort.


Once you have arrived at a lifestyle change, keep it up! It is so easy to “run out of steam” or loose motivation when making lifestyle changes. Or, just give into the temptation of all of life’s negative distractions. But, these benefits only count if one is somehow able to maintain whatever effort that has been started. The benefits are long term and help ensure a real “quality of life”!

Okezie N. Okezie, M.D.

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