Stuck Sucks

Over 50? Yes life is shifting into a different direction, are you in control, managing your fears, concerns and what ifs? Are you fulfilled and passionate, alive with anticipation or “Stuck” in life’s “gunk”! You are not alone people of all ages can get stuck in stagnation and or arrested growth. How did you get here? You’ve done everything your parents, society and the American system taught and said would lead to a successful and meaningful life.

  • You got the education

  • You got the good job and career

  • You have the family and kids

  • You have money and wealth, financially comfortable

  • You are a good person and do the things that make a good citizen

  • You are an active contributor to your community

But something is amiss. You’re over 50 and don’t feel the same as you did in your 30’s or 40”s. You use to be passionate about life, inquisitive with a positive world view. Now every day is a challenge, just to get out of bed, facing the same routine and same old rut. The kids are out of the house, you’re divorced or in an unfulfilling job and or relationship. You don’t feel relevant or productive; your 50’s 60’s 70’s and so on your “Stuck”! And, that “Sucks”!

So many people in midlife (40 to 60) Boomers, born (1946 to 1964) and Seniors over 65 may experience some form of shift, disconnection, lack of passion, meaning and purpose. It’s only natural to feel these emotions, because life is ever changing and evolving, the big question is; are you in control and are you feeling Completely Alive?

For many the second half of life is viewed from a terminal (ending) perspective, instead of the beginning of new life and possibilities. Our biggest challenge can be change awareness, accepting change, creating change the managing the process. There is a deep down desire in many people to release the inner person that is hidden from the world, the real you, the (you you) that yearns to be set free.

When we delay, postpone, or give up on our dreams and goals; we lose passion and purpose! It’s like holding a beach ball under water; over time the ball gets bigger and bigger until it has to surface!


We can carry unresolved issues, imprints and secrets through our youth into maturity, and not understand why we keep doing the same things, making the same mistakes and getting the same results. Like trying to ride a bike in quick sand, deeper and deeper we sink into the abys. Or suppressing our beach ball issues under water, achieving moments of joy and happiness, then back to the abys. Yes I know I too was once a suppressor of my life’s emotions, challenges and issues.

Until in my late 50’s I had some real health problems; overweight, alcohol abuse, tobacco abuse. My body, mind and spirit were toxic with both physical and emotional toxicity. At age 58 I got the wakeup call; I passed out at a Fed-Ex Kinko’s from elevated high blood pressure, my head went through a wall. When I awoke it was also the beginning of my new awakening, to change my life, and take control of my destiny. That day I was taking my granddaughters ages 9 and 5 to Los Angeles for a Summer vacation, what if I had passed out at the wheel of my car, while driving us to the airport? Change before you have to, and in the words of Jim Rohn:

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

No one has all the answers to life’s challenges, however understating what we really want and need to living a fulfilling, meaningful and purposed based life is bot attainable and sustainable. It’s a matter of knowing your unique WHY, IT and Calling. There is a path and plan for knowing and achieving all three, no matter your age, education, financial status or health. You can live your authentic life, purpose and live your dreams. I did it and so can you? Manage the shift and get unstuck!!!

Be Inspired!

It’s never too late!

Over 50 Staring Over – Coming Early 2017

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