Longevity and De-aging

Every Boomer should know the 10 factors for creating longevity and reversing the aging process

“When it comes to staying young, a mind-lift beats a face-lift any day.”
– Marty Bucella –

Because of my father’s passion for health and wellness I developed a particular interest in Asian and Eastern India alternative medicine, nutrition and exercise. Traditional Chinese Tao means “Way” or way of life and is not a religion or God, it also means “Path” which means the journey through life which conforms to nature’s own topography and time-tables. One primary difference between Tao and Western ways, is Tao’s attempt to connect man and nature and Western ways which attempt to conquer versus commune with nature. I take and open minded world view of everything both visible and invisible in life and the world. I have yet to find any belief, thought or doctrine to 100% completely encompass and convey the totality of anything. Therefore doesn’t it make sense to delve into the views and perspectives of more than a single option or opinion based upon what others may say, do, or practice. This led me to be open minded to the different practices and perspectives pertaining to health, nutrition and medicine, as they pertain to longevity and age.

The following 10 factors for longevity and age reversal are based upon a combination of; Chinese Tao, Eastern Indian and Western health practices, beliefs and assumptions. I have incorporated each in my personal health and wellness practices, and have over time reaped the health benefits for preparing my body mind and spirit for potentially 40 plus more years of life and living. My focus is on quality of life not merely surviving it. Maybe you feel the same way, stay open minded to life’s options and possibilities.

People all over the world are living 100 plus years and defying the aging process. Would you like to know how?

Eastern and Western Medicine, Nutrition and Wellness Blended
1. Geography and Climate

  • Climate itself with cooler and drier atmospheres appear to benefit human health and wellness.

2. Diet and Nutrition

  • Diet is a primary contributor to healthy living in China and around the world. China in particular derives its calories from carbohydrates, Vegetables, beans, high fiber, low protein, low fat vegetable based diets are all factors in longevity.

3. Exercise and Breathing

  • Healthy older people especially centenarian’s incorporate physical exercise in their daily regimen. Yoga, Pilates and breathing exercises are great for maintaining healthy and strong skeletal and muscle structures, which become more critical as we age.
  • Yoga is my primary form of exercise and provides the following benefits, it’s a practice of exercise, meditation and breathing for any age and can provide many benefits.
  • Increased flexibility

4. Pollution and Environment

  • It is critical to purify the bloodstream of pollutants from toxins in the digestive system. Excessive intake alcohol, tobacco, fast and processed foods and exposure to polluted air are all contributors to shorter life spans. The human body thrives on proper nutritional intake, water and timely elimination to prevent toxic buildup.

Stress Management
Three of the US Top prescribed drugs are for Blood Pressure Hypertension. Stress is a key contributor to High Blood Pressure and can be caused in many different ways; daily job related stress, traffic or even taking a test or speaking in front of a group. Short term or temporary stress is normal and “baked into” the daily life processes and environment. However (chronic) stress caused by events or situations that last for long periods of time can lead to serious health problems.

5. Sex After 50
Women throughout the world outlive men by 5 to 10 years. Chinese Tao believe there are 3 primary reasons for their extended life span:

“Sex and golf are the two things you can enjoy even if you’re not good at them.”
– Kevin Costner –

  • Superior endocrine system
  • Superior sexual power
  • Superior harmony rhythms with nature

Taoist believe that a basic secret of female power is to yield rather than fight, to express rather than suppress emotions. To be patient and tolerant than proud and prejudiced, flexible rather than rigid, soft rather than hard, more like water than fire. Midlife and senior years can be a time to experience real intimacy that starts between the ears not the loins. Passion
To be alive, vibrant with a positive outlook this is the light within the human being. Creating the fuel for achievement, bliss and happiness. This feeling of enthusiasm and excitement is the fuel for dreams. Passion always WINS no matter your age.

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