Last Free Exit or It Takes A Toll

Don’t you love driving on a portion of a toll-way that is “free”, then seeing the sign “Last Free Exit”? Have you ever missed that “Last Free Exit”? Maybe due to the car next to you wouldn’t let you over, although your signal was prominent, he would speed up and slow down just to stay pace with you, URGH!

I’ve met people that had every intention of taking their ‘Last Free Exit’ to pursue the vocation of their dreams, one that would allow for work-life balance and the promise of relevant and noteworthy contribution while doing something that they were born to do. Sometimes their exit is blocked by family members, friends, or colleagues, that tell them they could never make that big of a change so late in life, their advice to them only to ensure they stay in the pack and not dare get ahead and live a joy-filled life. Or perhaps it is the recordings playing through their conscience that tell them they are not worthy or deserving of a job they would love, URGH!

If this resonates in any way, may I encourage you to take the “Next Free Exit”, before the price gets too high. When people stay in a job or profession that they despise, it manifests into costly tolls that make it harder and harder to, first believe they can transition into work they love, but then take the steps required to do so. Snoozing your dreams, for some, eventually causes health issues, life-fulfillment regrets, and significantly effects the quality of life that was purposed for them. Every time they listen to others say they can’t, or shouldn’t, or every day that goes by that they do not take steps to pursue their dreams, may they be reminded of the “Last Free Exit” sign, and make plans to take it, for sure, the next time the opportunity comes around, or perhaps it will take a toll!

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